Mo Chill (Vocals)

Kstar (Keys)

C-Note (Bass & Guitar)

Scotty Irie (Percussion)

JBird (Drums)

Mo Money (Guitar)

Gideon (Vocals)

Wog (Bass)
Jeff-I (Vocals)


The JUCE crew is a tight knit group of individuals hailing from the North end of the Emerald Triangle.  These Humboldt County musicians have extensive experience, having performed together in various groups and on solo projects for the past eight years.  Their style is a reflection of their lives.

This crew is extremely well traveled, most of these players are bilingual, and all are positive, educated youths.  Humboldt County has sparked a fire in this crew and their lyrics tackle many of the issues facing both their community and abroad.  From the federal governments’ warlike tactics against the local home-grown economy to the lack of jobs, JUCE lives by the motto: Forward ever, backward never.

As musicians they also realize that the best way to drop the knowledge bomb is through hard-hitting beats, and JUCE definitely delivers.  This crew continues to pioneer a blend of hip hop and dancehall reggae that has been popularized in mainstream music by such artists as Sean Paul and Bounty Killer.

"The invention of electric instruments has moved tribal music into a new evolutionary era. Religious experience doesn't happen in church anymore, it happens on the dance floors and music halls around the world. So we come to make people dance. JUCE comes from a heavy background of hip hop, roots reggae and dancehall. Our focus is to destroy the distinction between hip hop and reggae music.”

-Kstar of JUCE

"As a part of the west coast based JUCE collective, we represent the love and passion of the inner city and country youth’s experience. Our dedication is simply; make the people feel. Our music uses old school traditional rhythms and styles and splashes them with a new school flavor that can’t be denied. We don’t feel satisfied until the house is bumping.”

-Mo Chill of JUCE

Having opened for such acts as Burning Spear, Mix Master Mike, Shinehead, The Itals, Gladiators, Skatalites, Culture, Big Youth and Digital Underground, this crew has set out to take over the West Coast and establish themselves among the ranks of California’s best.

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!-------!>CAUTION<!-------!RAW MUSIC!------!!!

These tracks are raw, unprocessed, music. Those prone to heart conditions and pregnant woman may need to abstain. If you byte our stylez send us the $$.$$ playa.

-->-->ADVISORY->--> Don't even try to play this shit on your busted ass computer speakers. Requires BASS!!

JUCE Shows

Reggae on the River_7-22-2012
Jambalaya 12-4-2009
Humbrews 10-24-2009
Jambalaya 9-18-2009
Jambalaya 5-15-2009
Six Rivers 3-17-2009
Jambalaya 2-7-2009
Humbrews 1-17-2009
Humbrews 9-27-2008
Showtime at the Apollo

JUCE Not from Concentrate
Practice 12-10-08 R1_0002.MP3
Practice 12-10-08 R1_0017.MP3
Practice 12-10-08 R1_0020.MP3
Practice 10-8-08
Love Hip Hop
Love Hip Hop2
Random Juce
Random Juce2
Random Juce3
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

100% Fresh Squeezed JUCE
Snitch'n is a Crime
Popping Off (Pali Gap)

Kstars Korner
Heart of a Demon
Just Chill
Cali Stylee 707
Friday Evening
Get Rich (Pali Gap)
Pali Gap (Inspiration)
No Room

Mo Money
All Used Up
All Used Up (version)
Just a Jam